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CNBLUE sasaengs

Instiz: CNBLUE, "sasaeng was giggling as she was hiding in a closet"

Yonghwa: "I was in a car in front of our dorm, and a fan was walking towards me. I was gonna open up the window because I thought she was going to give me a letter, but she opened the door and got into the car. I was scared. She grabbed me hard so my manager tried to pull her out but he ended up flying away. I was so shocked."

Jonghyun: "When I was in Japan, I was in a train to go to my schedule. Someone came to my section and she was stopped by the security guard. But they let her in when she told them that she knew Yonghwa personally. I was so scared because I never knew her. But apparently, we turned out to be living in the same apartment. Such a coincidence." 
"Oh, there's one more story. During my debut days, I practiced singing with a guitar at our dorm. I kept failing to sing a certain part. I kept practicing but I still couldn't do it. I was frustrated and then I heard someone giggling in a closet. I opened the closet and a fan ran away as she said, "good work, oppa""


- Ah seriously... What kind of a stalker is that?

- Lee Jonghyun's story sounds like a horror movie. Is that really a fan?

- How did the fan even get into the dorm in the first place? Can't they just be sued

- Reminds me of TVXQ sasaengs

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