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Taeun shippers get bashed

Pann: How are Naeun and Taemin getting along nowadays?
(Pann says Taemin liked Naeun a lot)
1. [+295, -41] Taemin worked hard. He acted as the script said but his partner produced delusional fans
2. [+175, -22] Make sure you straighten your back as you walk so that I can smack your head
3. [+113, -38] Honestly, I'm a non-fan but Taemin is too good for her. His solo album flopped but he's talented enough to do solo and he can dance. But Naeun can't sing, can't dance, and her looks are not goddess level. Her variety show skills have no solutions
4. [+86, -372] Naeun is too good for him
5. [+80, -2] Don't you know that Taemin said 2013 was a bad year and that we should forget it and that 2014 was full of happy things
6. [+71, -4] I'm not a fan so I can't say who's too good. But it's true that Taemin looks more pitiful
7. [+70, -4] Bullshit ㅋㅋ You probably don't know that Taemin was freaking popular during Replay. Honestly, Taemin's popularity is outstanding. Everybody knows SHINee as a group. What do you mean Naeun is too good for him? Taemin is more talented, he's in SM and SHINee is doing well. Look at these Pinkroaches shivering
8. [+70, -9] Taemin is too good for her
9. [+65, -5] Screw off, delusional fan ㅋㅋ Taemin really hated mentioning WGM after he left the show and yet Apink kept mentioning WGM everywhere. This is why people don't like Apink and Pinkroaches. Delete this, you delusional jerk. Comfort yourself in your own delusions instead of posting this~
10. [+54, -5] Why doesn't Taemin get an acting award?

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