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Shibeain love

Pann: The reason why people are certain of Shibeain's long-career

Leaders' manners

1. Onew

2. Sunggyu

3. Doojoon


1. [+159, -2] Shibeain is love ^^ These three groups are liked by the public


2. [+155, -0] I realized how a leader has to take the first step in order to control the other members after watching Shibeain. They have manners, talent, looks, variety skills, and everything ㅠㅠ Shibeain, you guys will last long! Always cheer up!

3. [+127, -7] Proud of Kim Sunggyu


4. [+78, -0] These days, all I saw were hateful posts. Happy to see a post like this


5. [+74, -2] The similar characteristic is that the three groups are cute. Look at them in the background when Beast and Infinite were promoting together ㅋㅋ Shibeain is love


6. [+74, -0] They say "you can see a group if you see the leader" Shibeain leaders are very well-mannered. Shibeain hwaiting!

7. [+72, -0] Junhyung and Myungsoo were in Minho's drama ㅋㅋ Shibeain union!


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