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Prettiest member in Girl's Day?

Pann: Prettiest member in Girl's Day?






1. [+437, -38] Yura. She's tall and is the prettiest

2. [+228, -221] Sojin for me. I like cat-faced people like her

3. [+131, -172] Hyeri looks the prettiest

4. [+90, -5] I saw Girl's Day in real life and Yura was really daebak. Her face looks flat on a screen but irl, her face was half the size of my face

5. [+75, -7] Yura. I can tell that she got a lot of love as she grew up. Her smile is so pretty

6. [+64, -11] Minah for me ㅋㅋ She's a typical stan attractor

7. [+60, -6] Look how the comments are mixed here. Girl's Day doesn't have a visual error and they're all unique. So people have different thoughts ㅋㅋ

8. [+55, -5] Yura is pretty but Minah is so cute


9. [+51, -16] I think Sojin is the prettiest. She always caught my attention during Darling and Something ㅋㅋ Girl's Day members are all pretty so it's hard to choose

10. [+47, -3] They're all pretty... I'll pick Yura with my standards

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