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Female idols that have good voices

Pann: Best voices of female idols

Voices, not singing abilities





Park Bom


Lee Hi





1. [+153, -53] I personally think IU and Krystal's voices are precious... So unique

2. [+121, -18] IU's voice is the best

3. [+105, -18] IU and Jieun have such good voices. My personal preference

4. [+54, -13] This is so subjective ㅋㅋ I don't agree except IU, Jieun and Krystal. I don't think Hyorin's voice is pleasant to listen to ㅋㅋ

5. [+44, -4] IU, Park Bom, and Lee Soohyun...

6. [+42, -45] Where's Choa? She has a really unique voice, she was amazing when they were promoting as a band


7. [+41, -9] No one's voice is as unique as Park Bom's... I'll get a lot of downvotes, right? ㅋㅋ Honestly, Park Bom has the best voice

8. [+39, -6] Park Bom when it comes to voices... Unique voice... If we're including singing abilities, then IU!

9. [+38, -6] Personally, I really dislike Hyorin's voice

10. [+30, -2] If we're only talking about the voices, then IU and Park Bom

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