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Anecdote of Hyeri and her fans

Pann: How I became a fan of Hyeri after a noodle incident

(The poster of the Pann had a friend who was a fan of Hyeri. They both went to a filming session of The King of Food when Hyeri was a guest. When the filming was done, Hyeri came up to her fans and suggested to eat noodle at a Chinese restaurant. The fans and Hyeri all went to a restaurant, ate noodle, talked, and had a good time. Hyeri paid for everyone and thanked her fans for their support.)


1. [+192, -171] Hyeri works very hard and she takes care of her fans ㅠㅠ She's responsible and hard-working. Antis are just trying to drag her down

2. [+187, -103] Woah... what a good post. I can tell how much you like her. The last sentence is really touching, "the fans should protect the singer". Hwaiting~

3. [+157, -74] Ah... I envy you

4. [+77, -22] Me, too ㅋㅋ At a fansign, I asked Hyeri, "unnie, what do you want me to be when I grow up?" and she wrote this down ㅋㅋㅋ Um... am I sound too fangirl-ish?


"Become the best stan. It's an order."

5. [+70, -15] Hyeri had an interview when she was very busy after getting popular on Real Man. The question asked her why she didn't look so tired and asked the method. She said she's very tired but she didn't want to show it so she always opens her eyes wide and laughs a lot. Her image on Real Man is real. Hard-working and patient... She even fainted on a stage once. Hyeri's charm is not aegyo ㅠㅠ She really doesn't have aegyo. I feel bad when they ask her to do aegyo

6. [+69, -24] I support Hyeri... These kids struggled hard to get popular, that's why I like them more

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