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91 line

Pann: What happened in 1991?

EXO Suho

Winner Jinwoo

Red Velvet Irene

SNSD Seohyun

Beast Dongwoon

After School Nana

Nine Muses Minha

Apink Chorong

SHINee Minho

Kara Hara

Infinite Woohyun

B1A4 Jinyoung


1. [+227, -64] Plastic surgeons chose the best faces of idols. For male idols, #1 was Suho and #2 was Jinwoo. For female idols, #2 was Irene

2. [+138, -102] Yeol and Howon are also 91'ers ㅠㅠ

3. [+122, -25] Woah, the #1 and 2 of the best faces are all 91'ers

4. [+81, -2] Rise is also a 91'er. Please remember...


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