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Pann: Ah Yang Hong Seok messed up


1. [+122, -4] Why does Yang Hong Seok gets so little screen time until the end

2. [+119, -4] Does YG hate Yang Hong Seok? Why does he only get a tiny bit of screen time and singing parts? His part was so simple when the members were introducing themselves ㅋㅋ Poor him ㅠㅠ

3. [+109, -8] Hong-si was so handsome today...

4. [+48, -14] 6B, my ass. Yoon Hyug and Dong Hyuk are still there because of the bond. Those who watched WIN are just voting them. The two trainees should be out, they'll lead to the flop of iKON... If we're excluding the cigarette and are going with B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Hongseok, and Jinhyung, we can get a variety of age groups. We can not include the cigarette so put Hongseok and a random person. People are saying that Hongseok doesn't have the vibe of hip-hop but do Yoonhyung and Donghyuk have hip-hop swag or what? Those two will have differing popularity in iKON

5. [+47, -1] That's why I voted for Hongseok


Pann: MIX & MATCH is a total flop

1. The 7 members don't match well
2. The atmosphere is not as tense as WIN
3. Poor editing


1. [+74, -1] Honestly, it's boring. I want them to stop marketing with their trainees' dreams and passion

2. [+73, -25] I'm viewing Junhoe differently, though. Isn't he at the level of a main vocal? He was amazing when he sang Let's Get It Started

3. [+60, -2] The only ones who benefited on this show are B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan. They proved their talent and stood out the most

4. [+43, -14] I hated it so much because it was obviously trying to push Chanwoo

5. [+32, -17] Woah I guess there are a lot of fans who became fans with their looks through MIX & MATCH... If you've been watching them since WIN, you can never complain about Junhoe's personalities ㅋㅋㅋ The individual fans are so scary

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