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MC Mong's military scandal + associated celebrities get their image ruined

Pann: The reasons why MC Mong is getting criticized

Politician Jung Wi Hwa: "He pulled out raw teeth. The dentist must've had some other purpose. Isn't it obvious that he did it on purpose?"

Politician Kim Hak Song: "MC Mong earns more than $10,000 a day. Who would believe it if he says he's applying for 7th grade public worker?"


Witness: "I received $80,000 from MC Mong for not revealing that he pulled out his teeth on purpose."


Police investigation unit: "Instead of getting his teeth fixed, he kept pulling his teeth out. He didn't get implants or anything and only kept on pulling them out. At the end, he was exempt from the military."


2004.07.15 - He got nerve treatment at A dentistry
2004.07.15 - B dentistry refused to pull his teeth out and to give nerve treatment
2004.07.28 - C dentistry refused to pull his teeth out
2004.08.09 - D dentistry refused to pull his teeth out
2004.08.09 - He requested for teeth removal at E dentistry
2004.08.30 - He removed his 46 and 47th teeth at F dentistry


Police investigation unit: "Usually, the patients pull their teeth out when there's no possible treatment left. But the dentists refused to pull his teeth out because they could be healed by treatment."


MC Mong asked a question on Naver's Q&A: "My 8 back teeth are fully gone. My 4 front teeth and a canine tooth are false teeth. The hospital gave me 49 points..." (he continues on asking if he would be exempt from the military service)


Investigation unit: "He got on the Internet and asked how many teeth should not be there to be exempt from the military."


How MC Mong kept delaying his military service:

Nov, 1999 - Got into university
Apr, 2003 - Job training
Nov, 2004 - Applied for a web design license
June, 2005 - Applied for a 7th grade public worker
Nov, 2005 - Traveled overseas
June, 2006 - Applied for a 7th grade public worker
Dec, 2006 - Traveled overseas


The dentistry admitted that he pulled his teeth out on purpose to be exempt from the military service.  


1. [+576, -32] Those who are defending MC Mong and MC Mong himself are the same ㅋㅋㅋ They're idiots. He acted so innocent and claimed that he couldn't serve due to age limit. The ministry even changed the laws and told him that he could serve. But he still came up with excuses and did not go. Please tell me why you're defending this jerk. Does a celebrity deserve special treatment? Do they think only a celebrity's 2 years are precious? The 2 years that non-celebrities give up for the country are just as important that can't be valued by money. Look at how people are defending him. They're pretending as if he's a hip-hop legend ㅋㅋㅋ He suddenly became a Korean hip-hop legend when he's the kid who sang Indian Boy ㅋㅋㅋ I'm not interested in his songs and I have no desire to listen to them

2. [+393, -21] As a man who served in the military, it's so frustrating

3. [+337, -25] Why aren't you guys streaming this, it's on 100th ㅋㅋ


(The song is "Torch of the Red Hunt", which is a military song to be against MC Mong)

4. [+120, -1] Shameless asshole

1. MC Mong was not found guilty for his teeth removal
2. He was found guilty for delaying his military service
3. MC Mong, "I'll still go if they allow me."
4. Military Ministry, "We'll accept him."
5. MC Mong goes on hiding for 5 years and calls it "reflection"
6. He came back as soon as he turned 36, which is an age to be exempt from the military service

5. [+90, -1] MC Mong needs to get kicked out of the country. He's a dirtier asshole than Steven Yoo

6. [+85, -2] He was able to serve in the army until Sept, 2014. He announced his comeback on Oct and came back on Nov. Do you finally get it, you shielders?


Pann: Haha is getting criticized on Infinity Challenge viewers's forum

Haha tweeted, "friend... I missed you..." with MC Mong's music video. The viewers of Infinity Challenge are criticizing and demanding him to leave the show.


1. [+368, -71] He would've flopped long ago if it wasn't Yoo God

2. [+291, -36] He's acting like that because he went off to public service...

3. [+272, -43] There are limits to defending such things. What's the real reason of Haha serving in the public service instead?

4. [+267, -208] Stop it. Why do we have to tell him to leave the show when all he did was cheering for his friend?

5. [+85, -10] With this issue, I learned that a lot of celebrities are thoughtless. It's certain that MC Mong is not innocent. Do they not realize that people will criticize them if they do featuring and cheering for him? Haha could've just called him and personally congratulate him. Why does he have to post in on SNS and make a fuss? Those kind of celebrities are so dislikable


Pann: The class of MC Mong's lyrics

Whatever (feat. Girl's Day Minah) - MC Mong

The jerks who spread rumors
Hide, you don't know me like that
The trait of losers
To be hating doing their job
Huh so scary
As a fellow man, it's pathetic
They can't stand others' success
Why do they have to get themselves in trouble
Stop blocking the goal, bro come on
Don't listen to the hater
For the waste of time, see you later
With the spreading rumors,
Why you wanna see me break up

Minah: "The song's good, right?"


1. [+71, -4] Woah, MC Mong is so shameless ㅋㅋㅋ Rumors, fuck

2. [+60, -22] Woah he's such an airhead... Girl's Day Minah is so thoughtless

3. [+55, -6] As a Korean living abroad, I really don't want to see him. Before the scandal, I loved MC Mong's songs and his song I Love You Oh Thank You was my main song at karaokes. But after that, I stopped liking him and I wonder why he has to act like that. I saw that his hiatus was 5 years. He could've just gone to the army for 2 years and his popularity would've even increased. I guess he was thoughtless because he's ignorant. Looking at his lyrics, he's not reflecting at all and is acting like the victim. I don't want to diss his looks but he looks like a monkey that I don't want to see

4. [+26, -1] Can I laugh at the part where he says "as a fellow man" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do you think you're a man as long as you have a dick? First of all, you don't deserve to have one. You're the one who pulled your teeth out while whining to your mom because you were afraid of going to the army. The "losers" you're pointing at didn't get excused from the army by making themselves disabled. Start talking after you get your dick removed

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