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TOP spotted at Gangnam

Pann: Bigbang TOP spotted at Gangnam


1. [+114, -12] I didn't know he smokes

2. [+87, -8] He's handsome indeed

3. [+84, -13] So handsome


4. [+54, -73] I think he's the true top idol. I don't understand why L is also included

5. [+52, -110] He's handsome but am I the only one who thinks he has terrible body proportions?

6. [+45, -0] Isn't it illegal to smoke on a street in Gangnam?

7. [+23, -7] His proportions are not as good as I thought

8. [+21, -2] I'm not trying to defend TOP but a lot of idols smoke. My unnie works as a broadcast staff and she told me about it. Whenever she passes by those idols, she smelled cigarettes and they smoke around the broadcast stations a lot. My bias looks like tofu but she told me that whenever she passed by him, the cigarette smell was really heavy. I was a bit shocked...

9. [+19, -18] He's handsome for sure. Look at his celebrity aura... But I guess he's also doing the stuff behind. The kids from the company are all the same, I guess

10. [+15, -6] He's so handsome but he acts like a bingu... So charming

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