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Epik High Tablo disses Woolim in his new song?

Instiz: Tablo seems to have dissed Woolim in his new song


Born Hater - Epik High

I'm a born hater. Dali, Van, Picasso
I'm Velazquez, Milet, El fucking Greco, my Echo
The feelings of VJ, shit, you're all cheap versions of flow, my imitators, shit
This is my real personalities. Even though there's no problem, fuck'em
So I, understand why they attack me
Act like a man. Why you act like a bitch
Open up coolly if you're gonna take off your pants
Tajinyo is also cute. I'm trying to love yaIt suits somehow with my paradoxical life
My fortune that collapsed to draw the infinite line
Your pointless complexes
Even though you fight me countless times, it's your loss
Your accidents are due to your carelessness
I've told you that I'm two levels above you
Whatever they say, I'm a monogamist motherfucking one and only

When he left Woolim and was under YG, Woolim tried to release a "best album" without Epik High's permission and they didn't take much actions for Tajinyo.


- He deserves to diss them...

- Honestly, Woolim is a good company for Infinite but from Epik High's perspective, they'd diss them

- I don't understand
-- "My fortune that collapsed to draw the infinite line" - what he means by the infinite line is the Möbius strip, which is the trademark of Infinite

- Wow, if 8 collapses, it makes the infinite sign 
(in Korean, "fortune" also has the same meaning as "number 8")

- Tablo is so good at writing lyrics... It's amazing

- But Woolim still doesn't know how to defend... They can't even do media-play...

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