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15& Yerin gets criticized for teaming up with a small group of fans

Instiz: 15& Baek Yerin's Instagram is on fire

Baek Yerin teamed up with a small group of fans and hung out at Hongdae.
Other fans asked and criticized why she teamed up with the fans.
She posted the posts that are targeting the criticizing fans.


"Targeting much? ㅋㅋ "Get a life"? I really don't like you anymore. Do you not see what you did wrong ㅋㅋㅋ Do you think it's only about the busking? We all know that you hang out with them at the company, Hongdae, taking care of them on Twitter, going to Seokchon lake, bringing them to every busking, Kyungridan road, and Itaewon. We also know that you wrote letters for them. The whole fansite is your fans, why are you dividing them? Even if I say stuff like this, you'll probably block me and post another targeting post. I don't care anymore because I don't like you anymore ㅋㅋ It doesn't matter if you try to deny it. Do you think I'm the one who knows about this? They all know it but they're just keeping it quiet because you won't change."

"Are you seriously saying that those who are criticizing don't know anything? I followed you because I liked you more than anyone else. Do you think I'm just hating you? From now on, just do it yourself."


Yerin posted a long literature about how jealous people judge and hate others to make themselves feel better.


"Yes I just saw it now. If you're gonna talk rudely like that, I want you not to look at it. I became friends with the person and the unnie comes to my company so I try to talk to her and be kind to her. But it's not like I personally contacted her. I even reply to the fans who came all the way to see me and take photos of me. Also, I talk to other fans a lot. If I'm being unfair, or if you're trying to see me in that way, you're only gonna see it like that. I think you're writing this because you're trying to make me look bad in this situation. Honestly, I want to say what I want to say. I feel uncomfortable. No one knew when and where my busking was held. I never told anyone. It's all spread by words. If you talk like that, I have nothing to say."


- Imagine if a male idol hangs out with the sasaengs who come to his company and take pictures with them. It'll be really controversial. She's 18 so the excuse of being young doesn't even apply. I think she's thoughtless and she's bad at understanding others

- I wouldn't mind her teaming up with the fans but the targeting posts were too much

- Teaming up? The fans are all equal. It's really not good to treat a small group of fans differently. Why does she have to make other fans sad when they're all cheering for her

- The targeting is just... She even posted a few times. SNS is something people should never do

- The relationship of a celebrity and a fan is different from a typical human relationship. I think she doesn't realize that

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