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Ssul Jeon criticizes Moon Joon Young's tweet method

Instiz: Heo Ji Woong, "Moon Joon Young's way of revealing was the worst method... It's a similar feel to Lee Byung Hun"

Heo Ji Woong: 

"This is similar to Lee Byung Hun's hand-written letter." 

"Do celebrities not have anyone who consults about how to deal with crisis situations? It was the worst method. The tweets were written wrongly and he just posted his emotions from frustration. Who's going to agree with him?" 


Park Ji Yoon:

"I thought, "how frustrated was he to post this?" but then I felt like I was betrayed. He suddenly stated that he was going to protect his CEO. I don't know why he shed bloody tears when it was going to end in a day."


- Nine Muses' fans don't have good reactions about this, either...

- He stated as if he was going to reveal everything but it ended so suddenly... And the post itself is just wrongly written...

- But if Moon Joon Young didn't do this, then I think the company wouldn't have listened to him. I think he stepped up and was being brave

- Honestly, I agree with Park Ji Yoon. At first, I thought, "he really had nowhere to say this..." but the outcome was too weird. I just feel bad because Nine Muses got a pitiful image out of it

- I guess it was his best choice... It's not like he can open up a press conference when the company is like this

- I was going to support Moon Joon Young because I felt bad for him but after a day, he said he was going to protect his CEO... I get that they solved it out but I felt betrayed

- I watched the show and the reason why they compared Lee Byung Hun's letter and Moon Joon Young's tweets is because Lee Byung Hun's hand-written letter only made the situation worse. They meant that he should've quietly filed a lawsuit or done a clear action. He should've either stayed quiet or showed his frustration until the end, instead of suddenly saying he loves his CEO...

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