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Team B Bobby shows his frustration towards idol rappers

Instiz: 'Show Me The Money 3' Bobby "I don't understand the idols who rap because they can't sing"


"(Among idols), there are some people who rap because they can't sing. I really don't understand them."

"They're the reason why there's a title called "idol rapper". I think the title is becoming a joke. As another idol rapper, I want to say a word to those who are ruining the title."


- Some idols think speaking quickly is rapping, especially female idols

- Raps of most female idols are no different from narrations

- Really agreed. I also shake my head at my bias sometimes...

- Some people mention female idols but aren't male idols worse? ㅋㅋ There are plenty of them who can't sing or rap

- I only approve LE from female idols

- When an idol gets criticized for their bad singing, their fans defend them by saying "but he/she is a rapper" when they can't even rap

- They should write their own raps at least...

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