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Lee Hyori says the guys she knew claimed they all dated her

Article: Lee Hyori, "the guys I knew said they all dated me" (Magic Eye)

Lee Hyori: 

"After I debuted, the guys who went to the next schools all said they dated me. I just knew them but they said they dated me."


1. [+599, -175] So are you friends with the third generation chaebol who was in swimsuits with you on a hotel rooftop??? You're not friends with him that you sleep with... right?

2. [+580, -155] There is a reason why... There is always a reason if someone thinks they dated you

3. [+512, -122] I guess she did some things with them that exceeded dating ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+68, -15] She was famous in her neighborhood because 'anyone could eat her'

5. [+53, -9] Is she at the bottom of her career now? She's gonna talk about her night life at this rate

6. [+53, -11] People believe those people more than what Lee Hyori says ㅋㅋㅋ 

7. [+47, -10] So she slept around alot, hah...

8. [+42, -8] What I was dumbfounded with the most is when Lee Hyori said she was worried because her child might be called Lee Hyori's daughter or son ㅋㅋㅋ She'll be in her 40~50 when her kid is grown up, who's gonna care about her then?

9. [+42, -4] She says things that she doesn't have to

10. [+38, -10] Sleeping and dating are separate things, I understand. But normally, people would misunderstand it in those situations

11. [+37, -7] Ended up on this article by chance, carefully downvoting the article~

12. [+35, -5] CBmass Curbin, Jinusean's Sean, Hong Kyung Min, Sung Si Kyung, Ha Dong Kyun, Lee Seo Jin, Rain, Daniel Henney, Dong Yang company's son

13. [+35, -3] It would be their fault if only person claims they dated her, but if everybody says it, then it's her fault

14. [+32, -7] Lee Hyori's media-play is getting excessive because she's trying to hide her downfall

15. [+31, -6] I feel bad for Lee Sang Soon ㅋㅋㅋ What did she do with those guys that she 'used to know'

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