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BTS and Team B Bobby diss idol rappers in their raps

Instiz: Idol rappers who targeted idols who can't rap

Bangtan Boys - We Are Bullet Proof part 2

"You guys became rappers because you can't sing. It's a waste for you guys to have the "rapper" title"


Bangtan Boys - BTS Cypher Part 1

"I beat hard with We Are Bullet Proof
Those fake ones react because they're guilty. Go ahead and be butthurt

This music industry got big with no basis. It's hard to coexist so just take rapping as a hobby. What a mess, if you feel guilty, try hard"


Suga said, "it wasn't a diss for a diss. I wasn't targeting specific people, I was showing confidence of myself. If someone feels guilty after listening to this, then they have a problem of their own"


Team B Bobby - 연결고리

"Those shitty jerks who can't sing go on rapping and ruin it
If you're not guilty, then bite BOBBY right now

You guys are still far ahead. Boy group rappers are doing 'clock dance' on the stage. If you can't sing, then practice"


Bobby - Raise Your Guard and Bounce

"The "idol" title that you guys pooped all over

Why do I have to erase it and clean it
Stop shitting and you clean it
If you're not talented, then get rotten in the practice room, not on MCountdown
Listen to me before you quit and if you feel like crap, bite Bobby
Do you know how serious I am in rapping, you bad singers
I become breathless when I see you guys rapping just to earn money"


- Visual idols all become rappers because they can't sing...

- I knew these two would be the ones ㅋㅋㅋ

- Hul Suga raps? I thought he'd sing because he looks innocent

- I expected to see Block B

- Who had "clock dance"? Infinite?
-- Vixx also

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