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Kim Tae Woo reveals he made hoobaes greet a sunbae + the hoobae list

Pann: What do you guys think?

Kim Tae Woo:

"Kim Jong Seo sunbae-nim finally had a comeback, but his waiting room was way at the end. I went to greet him and he told me that I was the only person who greeted him. I suddenly got so mad."

"I have a loud voice. I went out of the waiting room and shouted, "everybody get out!" I lined up all the hoobaes and told them to go to Kim Jong Seo sunbae's room to greet him."


1. [+229, -11] It would've been a problem if he hit them but he did the right thing as a sunbae...

2. [+200, -6] It's true that young people are rude these days

3. [+198. -7] What he did was good

4. [+46, -1] Isn't it a sunbae's duty to teach manners to rude hoobaes? I think Kim Tae Woo would've done the same thing even if it was another sunbae, not Kim Jong Seo. It's not "you guys should greet him because he's Kim Jong Seo", it's "hoobaes should greet sunbaes first"

5. [+40, -5] That's how you educate the hoobaes. In a sunbae-hoobae relationship, the hoobae must greet the sunbae first, especially in the entertainment industry. That's cool of Kim Tae Woo

6. [+34. -1] It's problematic if a sunbae forces unfair claims but "greeting" is one of the very basic manners. He taught those rude hoobaes well


Instiz: The hoobae singers who were scolded by Kim Tae Hoo are revealed

The singers who performed on Music Bank when Kim Jong Seo had a comeback

Fighting Daddy
Miss $
Lee Jisoo
Han Young
Yoo Seung Chan
Lee Pany
Tae Goon
Park Hyo Shin
Epik High
Lee Seung Gi


- Kim Tae Woo deserved to scold them. What kind of a hoobae doesn't greet a big sunbae?

- But I heard so many things about Lee Seung Gi's good personalities...

- Kim Tae Woo did a good thing. How can a hoobae not greet a sunbae at all? This is not minding other people's business

- So those singers all didn't greet him?

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