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This week's Music Core airs without the ranking system

Article: 'Show! Music Core' did not announce the ranking... It was pre-recorded for a countryside special


1. [+1602, -115] Hyuna's talent that makes fruits like an apple and a banana look erotic...

2. [+920, -76] Look at Hyuna's body...

3. [+606, -22] Okay.

4. [+918, -449] Everyone won #1 today. I'm an Inspirit, but Sistar, Block B, Hyuna, Girl's Day, B1A4, Ha:tfelt, Homme, Kim Wan Sun, Ladies' Code, Skull, Moses, Red Velvet, Bestie, C-Clown, Mamamoo, B.I.G, Boys' Republic, Hyene, Phon, LU:KUS, Say Yes, and etc all worked hard

5. [+142, -15] Music Core said they will pursue live but nothing changed. The CD sound is almost 70~80%, the singers are only lip-syncing

6. [+124, -5] After Music Core banned lip-syncing, the singers whom I thought were good are getting their notes shaken and mess up. On other music shows, they aren't like that... I hope other music shows take this policy as well

7. [+128, -13] I think it's better to get rid of the ranking system. We get to watch it without a pressure

8. [+117, -14] I hope they keep airing the show without the ranking

9. [+142, -47] I'm not a Block B fan but let Block B win #1 at least

10. [+127, -35] Please let Block B oppars win #1 ㅠㅠ

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