November 25, 2017

When did wolves transform into dogs?

A petroglyph of a hunter and his leashed dogs. From 9,000 years ago, found in Saudi Arabia.

The dogs from the petroglyph look similar to Canaan dogs which exist in the Middle East today


Article: When did wolves transform into dogs... A drawing of leashed dogs from 9,000 years ago is found

Source: Choson Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1507, -82] Even a primitive man leashes his dogs but in the 21th century we have stupid idiots claiming "their dogs don't bite" ㅋㅋ

2. [+1020, -27] When the wolves transformed into dogs is not important... What's important is when some humans decided to act like dogs.

3. [+680, -37] Dogs were also leashed back then but Choi Siwon this guy...

4. [+291, -8] The petroglyph is too well-made considering the 9,000 years of time...
- [+56, -1] I googled it because I was also curious. It's not actually white. It's carved on the rock but they just colored it white with a computer to make it more visible.

5. [+478, -138] Christians will be mad.

6. [+39, -3] I guess Middle Easterners always had big dicks...

7. [+24, -0] A primitive man from 9,000 years ago can draw better than me...

8. [+23, -2] Why do so many people lack common sense? Wolves and dogs are the same species. They're just divided into "subspecies". They can still breed and become mixed.