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A Chinese singer plagiarized iKON's Rhythm Ta?

The accused Chinese song

Chinese singer: "I listened to the song and in my opinion, it definitely plagiarized iKON's Rhythm Ta. The composition of the song, the beats (same BPM), and the rearrangement (they used the same drum sound) tell. It's a similar case to a Chinese singer plagiarizing Winner's Love is a Lie in the past."


Pann: A Chinese singer plagiarized iKON's song

1. [+64, -3] I'm an iKONIC and the fans' rage aside, I just want YG to know about this so that they can give a feedback or whatsoever. Kim Hanbin gave up sleep to write the song.

2. [+49, -0] The fans are upset

3. [+25, -1] Let me just post this. I hope YG makes a right decision.

BI: "I have to write songs to debut"

4. [+20, -1] Hul, it's sounds really similar. I think I can sing Hanbin's rap in that song ㅋㅋ "What are you doing! Why aren't you nodding your head!" I can't listen any longer because the song is really bad...

5. [+16, -1] It's not a remake, it's a plagiarism... Junhoe, Hanbin, and composers worked so hard to make the song...

6. [+13, -1] Since he was 18, he didn't sleep to compose songs and went on many survival shows for iKON. Rhythm Ta was his first stage... It's a very precious song, it's composed by BI and Junhoe. It's sad the song got plagiarized. BI stayed up all night at a studio to work and ate a hamburger in a dawn. He was 18...

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