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Is iKON really promoted more than Winner?

1 year and 6 months hiatus
Selling practice videos
Park Bom and 2NE1 got to perform at MAMA but Winner didn't

6 stages on music shows in 3 months
5 music videos
Full album delayed for 52 days
Debut was originally in January but got postponed to October
Full album on Christmas Eve
Japanese debut in January
Full album promotions in Korea are only a week


Pann: A big company's never-ending promotions for a rookie group

1. [+134, -19] Winner debuted in Korea and Japan at the same time. They stayed in Korea for 2 weeks since debut and flew to Japan ㅋㅋㅋ After a month, they came back to Korea and promoted Don't Flirt. They never had a concert in Korea but they already had two tours of 11th and 17th in Japan. They even apologized during a 2015 tour for not bringing new songs. They never guested on a public channel show.

2. [+128, -2] Both groups have potentials to be much bigger but they just don't promote

3. [+125, -38] It's true that iKON is pushed to the edge of the cliff. I'm a non-fan and I disliked iKON because I was fooled by other fans' manipulation. They're starting to look likeable at least... I feel sorry because I used to dislike them for no reason.

4. [+88, -53] iKON is a fixed cast on a variety show and they're guesting on most variety shows including Running Man and Happy Together. They don't perform on music shows but it's true that they're promoted more. People are just quiet because it's been months. Their media-play was legendary.

5. [+77, -44] It's true that iKON's promotions are legendary though? You guys mention no music shows but their debut concert was aired live, they're a fixed cast on a cable show, they're guesting on Happy Together and Running Man, they released a digital single for delaying a full album, they had 5 music videos, they have 2 more from the full album, and they have a concert in January. The fact that you fans are pretending to have no promotions is a manipulation because the music shows didn't air due to an ex-president's death and YG always delays stuff. Try to mention another group that was promoted as much as iKON when they debuted.

6. [+63, -0] Winner and iKON are not at fault. Our only enemy is Hyum Suk.

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