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The Fact writes a summary of Seo Jisoo scandal + replies to a Lovelyz fan

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On a community site, someone posted that she had a homosexual relationship with Lovelyz Jisoo and that Jisoo sexually harassed her.

Woollim Entertainment tweeted that they requested Mapo Police to investigate the issue to catch the person who first spread the rumor.

Lovelyz released 'Hi~'

Woollim stated that after the investigation, they fined A (accused) and B (underage) for spreading false rumors.

'Jisooluv' got a summary order

A formal trial requested

A lawyer submitted to drop the charges

Trial date (the accused attended), the end of the trial

(2015.06.21 ~ 2015.07.21 - private trial timeline)

According to a person on Twitter, the accused A aka Jisooluv demanded a formal trial. Jisoo's law firm has a record of dropping the charges against A.

Woollim released a teaser image of Jisoo for Lovelyz's comeback, officially showed that Jisoo will join the group.

The Fact got an exclusive interview from a woman D who says she was threatened to be outed by Jisoo when they were dating. D showed evidences with voice recordings.

From the recordings:

November, 2014
Woollim requested the police to investigate the rumors, Jisooluv got investigated.

February, 2015
Jisooluv, D, and other victims of Jisoo all gathered together, including Woollim staff.
- Jisooluv, "we were in a serious relationship, she sexually assaulted me with words."
- Woollim staff admitted, "her words and behavior are indeed sexual harassment and it's morally wrong."

Jisooluv, D, victims, Woollim staff, and Woollim's lawyer met up.
- Lawyer, "promise that this will not happen again in the future. It's a stress for you to be present at the trial. Don't say anything even if the Internet or a journalist asks you."

Jisooluv met up with the lawyer to reach an agreement, agreement made
- The agreement says Jisooluv will not speak or post anything related to Jisoo to the media, Internet, or SNS. Woollim will then drop the charges against Jisooluv. If Jisooluv violates the agreement, she will have to pay 100 million won.
- Jisooluv did not agree with the agreement but the complaint was not considered.


Instiz: Summary of Seo Jisoo scandal (The Fact)

- Woah, everybody needs to read the full article... This is not right. Woollim is seriously disappointing

- It breaks my heart to see what the victims say. "People compare us to Tajinyo"...

- 100 million? What kind of a delinquent are they?

- They kept showing evidences and this article was written based on the recordings. How many more evidences do you want? Woollim never clarified anything and they're just threatening the victims to bury this issue. I don't trust Woollim because I feel so bad for the victims. Trainees leave their groups nowadays if they get into controversies but I don't understand why Woollim is insisting on keeping Jisoo when the group's concept is innocent.

- So it wasn't all rumors...

A Lovelyz fan sent The Fact a few links of rebuttals against their article

The Fact replied:


You must've worked hard to send us the rebuttals but unfortunately, it says I can't read the posts because I'm not a member on the site.

I also read the email you sent previously... You were practically saying, "look at this. Are you still saying that D is right?"

I want to say this to you.

I'm not stupid and I don't have any bad intent. Do you think I wrote the article just because D said, "this is it"? It didn't take us one or two days. It look us a long time and the article was published after careful consideration of the entire editing team. We worked on it very seriously because it's very sensitive news. We don't just publish an article after lightly looking at the issue and a quick judgement."


Instiz: The Fact's reply to Lovelyz fan who says it's a rumor

- The CEO of The Fact even tweeted the article of Seo Jisoo

- So they basically flatly claimed that this is the truth

- I think it's true. Woollim is not a small company. If the article is false, they wouldn't be staying silent like this.

- Why is Woollim so quiet this time when they were giving such fast feedback when it started on Twitter?

- Woollim needs to release a proper official statement

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