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Chinese version of 'Abnormal Summit' to start airing on April

Article: [Exclusive] Chinese version of 'Abnormal Summit' to be made... Will start airing on April in China

Source: No Cut News via Naver

1. [+2274, -76] China is taking every Korean show

2. [+2086, -103] Don't they have any new ideas when their population is 1.3 billion? I know that hallyu contents are popular but copying everything will be a negative for domestic Chinese contents

3. [+1888, -69] Abnormal Summit would've been a flawless show if it didn't have scandals of the Turkish jerk and kimigayo

4. [+1253, -95] Chinese people are more than a billion and yet they can't come up with any ideas? They're taking everything

5. [+843, -70] So funny how they're confidentially taking everything ㅋㅋ

6. [+193, -3] The Korean representative lived in China since he was in elementary school... I wonder what he's going to say about Korea when he wouldn't even know much about Korea

7. [+169, -4] I think the show will be like, "no matter what, China is jjang"

8. [+158, -6] Having a show like this in a communist country will only praise the country

9. [+137, -3] Instead of having reps by countries, it'd be daebak if the reps are chosen by ethinics of Han, Zhuang, Uighur, Korean-Chinese, Manchu, Mongols, Russian, and etc

10. [+107, -2] But the foreigners on China's Abnormal Summit will not be free to criticize China's cons

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