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Krystal attacked by GD fans on Instagram + the problem of "i-roaches"

Pann: The reason why Krystal deleted her Instagram (feat. GD)

GD started liking Krystal's Instagram pictures

Soon after, they followed each other

GD's hateful fans started spamming Krystal's Instagram with curses

They also tried to hack her account

Page not found

She deleted her Instagram at the end


1. [+250, -4] It might be unrelated but it reminds me of one thing that I'm frustrated with international fans. They always flag Korean fans' comments ㅋㅋ They weren't even swearing or anything, they were purely fan comments. But they always got deleted afterwards so I looked up and apparently, international fans flag every comment in Korean

2. [+224, -8] Of course, it's i-roaches again... Poor Krystal

3. [+144, -2] So rude

4. [+73, -2] Seriously, it's always i-roaches that are bullshitting when there's an interaction on Instagram ㅋㅋ They go mad when they get their privacy invaded but they don't care about the singers' privacy. I'm not even an f(x) fan but I'm so pissed. Krystal must be having a hard time with all the thing happening around her. I'm really worried for her ㅠㅠ Find strength, pretty

5. [+64, -35] Ah... If those fucking fans didn't pull that bullshit, I'd still be getting Krystal's news on Instagram... It was the only SNS she did and yet they did this? I wish she'd start her Insta again ㅠㅠ The rest of f(x) members are on it

6. [+60, -6] Ah Krystal's every Intagram picture was my type...


7. [+51, -35] I'm so pissed. Can we please see Soojung's SNS


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