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Lovelyz Kei

Pann: Lovelyz Kei looking like a doll


1. [+85, -69] I saw them in real life and they looked like ordinary people ㅋㅋㅋ They looked so average ㅋㅋ They look much better in pictures. And what's with the song? Candy jelly love~ one spoon of syrup~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a weird song


2. [+59, -41] She looks weird...

3. [+43, -16] She's mentioned as the visual on male sites. Only female sites fangirl Lee Mijoo

4. [+28, -28] I honestly don't understand how she's considered pretty ㅠㅠ She looks like a typical Japanese girl group member... Lee Mijoo looks the prettiest in Lovelyz

5. [+24, -4] Kei is indeed the flower of Lovelyz ㅠㅠ Her behavior is very feminine... So pretty. Lovelyz hwaiting <3


6. [+21, -4] People say Yoo Jiae is the visual but to me, Kei looks like one. She has her own aura. She's both puppy-faced and cat-faced. She also has cool personalities ㅋㅋ I like how she has reversed charms <3 She can sing, too ㅠㅠ This is why she's my bias


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