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Who are the most beautiful women?

Pann: The most beautiful woman in the world in reality and in imaginations

Face morph of Kim Tae Hee, Han Gain, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway

Supposed most beautiful women in the world:

Elizabeth Taylor

Olivia Hussey


1. [+80, -20] Everyone has different opinions but I think the most beautiful Korean celebrity is Han Gain. I still can't forget the shock I got when I saw Han Gain for the first time. Her looks are not Asian ㅠㅠ


2. [+62, -12] Woah... I think Kim Tae Hee could've born with the face if she had some European background


3. [+52, -2] This post is way too shiny, I'm gonna lose my eyesight ㅠㅠ Anyways, I rank them as Olivia > face morph > Elizabeth Taylor!


4. [+18, -0] What's sad is that Kim Tae Hee might mix her outstanding genes with Rain's. Such a waste

5. [+15, -1] I get chills everytime I see Olivia Hussey... I don't even think she's human because she's too pretty

6. [+14, -1] Han Gain's looks look like they can't be from Asians... I think we're just surprised because her looks are totally European looks. Aren't we more surprised with Kim Tae Hee in terms of beauty? I think Kim Tae Hee has more balanced looks so I think her face is prettier... And she even has a nice face shape... I was speechless when I saw her on Stairway to Heaven...

7. [+14, -4] I'll say Elizabeth Taylor > Olivia Hussey > morph. I think Taylor is a never-dying beauty... She has typical beautiful looks with a face like a sculpture and she's got charms and all sorts of auras. And she's evey sexy which not a lot of goddesses have


8. [+13, -16] Is Amanda pretty enough to be on it though? I know that she's much prettier than me and she's above average, but I don't think her looks are that pretty. Did you guys know that she's getting such praises only in Korea? I don't understand why her frog-like face is praised so much... I wouldn't have mentioned her if she had good manners at least. She's a well-known airhead in her country.

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