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Pann OP questions the idea of religions

Pann: Religious people, I'm seriously curious

(Pann OP questions Christians & Catholics how you can trust a god without seeing/hearing him)

1. [+194, -34] I also wondered the same thing as the OP... No one is giving the proper answer. Doesn't it mean that they just trust the religion without a reason?

2. [+175, -122] In the human history, Christianity is a group that should be disappeared. They think they're the only true religion and doesn't approve other religions.

3. [+146, -245] The OP is so funny. She says 'religious people' but she only questions Christians and Catholics, not Buddhists ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+119, -8] I really don't understand why they think the God makes them successful. As an atheist, they're just so frustrating.

5. [+87, -6] If they succeed, it's because of the God. If they fail, it's because of their lack in faith. Why are they so passive?

6. [+60, -23] Isn't this post to criticize Christianity? These days, dramas make it seem like Christianity is a weird bunch and it upsets me... Christianity has scientific aspects but since it's formed by the God, there are many aspects you'll never understand if you approach scientifically. It makes me really mad that these days, atheists are deemed normal and religious people are treated like possessed people. Isn't it obvious that atheists won't understand how religions work? We shouldn't force our opinions on each other since we have the freedom of religions. This post is already doubting the existence of the God.

7. [+52, -17] They're just relying on the religion because they're weak ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+50, -29] Christians are a bunch that does no good to the society. It's so disgusting how they grab random people on the street and force them to believe in the religion. They should just believe it themselves, why are they forcing others? They also promote their own churches and stuff.

9. [+48, -8] Christians, why is the bible so male-centered and patriarchal, and why does it force virginity and virtue to women? Why is there a verse that says a married woman who's not a virgin should be stoned to death? If the bible is really the words of the God, is the God a misogynist?

10. [+40, -2] Honestly, as an atheist, it sounds like bullshit when they say you'll either go to hell or heaven after you die... What the hell is heaven and hell? If you die, you die.

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