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Sleepy's lack of appetite

Sleepy: I eat one meal a day and it's only one roll of kimbab. Not tuna or beef kimbab, just plain kimbab.

Kangin: One day, Sleepy told me it was his birthday. I asked him if he wanted to eat meat. He said OK. I asked again if he wanted to eat sashimi. He said OK again. We ended up at a sashimi restaurant. He barely ate anything.

Sleepy: All I need is water.

Kangin: Let's meet at Han River next time, then.

MC: When you're really hungry, isn't there anything that you want to eat?

Sleepy: I don't get hungry if I hold back my appetite.

MC: These days, there are many shows on popular restaurants and cooking on TV.
Sleepy: I don't watch them.

Kangin: Isn't there really anything that you want to eat?

Sleepy: ...... Chocolate milk.


Instiz: Sleepy who eats one meal a day

- Wow, how can he have no appetite like that... So interesting.

- Same with my brother.

- I also don't have strong appetite so I eat one meal a day. I eat halt of one serving of dukbokki or half of a bowl of rice... I get full easily.

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