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NU'EST was actually properly promoted by Pledis?

1) NU'EST's debut song 'Face' has higher Youtube views than EXO's debut song 'MAMA'
They also have more music videos with +10M views like 'Action' and 'Hello'.

2) They released albums every year and there was barely any hiatus between.

3) They released two single albums and one full album in Japan. Their sales were even #1 once. Their mini album also sold around 30K.

4) They were a #1 nominee on a music show.

5) They had three reality shows.

6) They were on Idol Athletic Championship four times.

7) They were on Weekly Idol and V app.


Pann: Facts on NU'EST

1. [+121, -29] It's true that NU'EST fans went around and talked as if NU'EST flopped hard because of Pledis' crappy management. The truth is that the company promoted the group a lot and they didn't flop as much. Why should this post be criticized? Their fans are the ones acting mad. It's not like we're telling people not to vote for NU'EST and the group isn't as unfortunate as people think.

2. [+110, -22] Just like how the fans made people sympathize for the group, we also have the right to know the facts. We can't just be reading posts bashing Pledis. The company also promoted group like this but the fans don't want to admit it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's why posts like this surface. Does it have to be either sympathizing NU'EST or a hate post? So funny.

3. [+102, -23] There isn't anything that the group didn't do. Anybody can tell that they've done various things, it's pathetic how the fans are denying it. No one would even talk about this if the fans just admitted it.

4. [+48, -3] Honestly, Jonghyun is my bias trainee and I also support other NU'EST members, but all of it is true. Just move on and ignore this post if you want to be in denial. I honestly admit that NU'EST's participation is unfair... But I'll still vote for them.

5. [+48, -41] People didn't even know about NU'EST in the past and now you're claiming that they were already famous ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You didn't even know them. You found this information by searching up... I know you're being defensive because NU'EST's screen time takes away the chance of your trainee debuting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You should stop. The members are desperate and working hard. Aren't you just being jealous since NU'EST can just promote as a group after PD101 ends?

6. [+48, -40] Honestly, the company did enough promotions for the group. Didn't they flop because they couldn't live up to it?

7. [+38, -12] They promoted more than my favorite singer.

8. [+34, -16] Since when did Produce 101 become a show to revive flopped groups?

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