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Will BTS renew their contracts with Big Hit?

Pann: Idol group that seems like they'll renew their contract

1. [+133, -3] So far, it seems like they'll renew. Even if the company debuts rookies, BTS always produces their own music and Bang PD only touches up their title track a bit. They'll rise on their own. Big Hit might promote the rookies a lot but they can't give up on BTS. How can they when BTS is this big ㅋㅋ It'll only prove that Big Hit is an idiot. For the artists, Big Hit is also a good company. They let the artists pursue any type of music they want and the artists can communicate however they want. Since debut, they never took the artists' phones away and they don't care if the artists date. But they still don't have any dating rumors which is interesting. Anyways, both sides can't let each other go.

2. [+133, -4] Just like Rapmon said, they'll bury their souls in Big Hit until they die ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's their first company and they've been working well so far. I think they'll stay with Big Hit.

3. [+115, -3] They have 2 years left, right? I think BTS will renew their contracts. We don't know the details but they have no reason to leave when the company lets them do whatever they want.

4. [+42, -0] Wow, I've never even realized that BTS has to renew. I unconsciously thought they'll stay with Big Hit until the end ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+36, -0] Bang Si Hyuk is a stan of them ㅎㅎ His stan level is high so he understand us fans.

6. [+35, -0] I think they'll renew and I also hope they do. For both fans and artists, Big Hit is a good company.

7. [+34, -0] I think they'll last long. I was surprised when they said their dorm was their home. They have no problem with living at a dorm and the members seem like a family.

8. [+33, -0] We don't know the future but they'll renew unless Big Hit decides to be crazy and stops paying them or something. On a reality show where they travelled, Bang Si Hyuk wrote a letter to the members and you could see how he treasured them.

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