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Girl groups that get bashed & praised on Pann

Pann: Girl groups that get bashed & praised on Pann

Bashed girl groups: Twice & Red Velvet
Praised girl groups: Oh My Girl & Black Pink

1. [+117, -65] You're wrong. Bashed ones are Twice and GFriend. Red Velvet is the praised one.

2. [+109, -37] Red Velvet gets a lot of praises though.

3. [+53, -5] Why would you divide them into bashed and praised? The haters are the hopeless ones.

4. [+43, -5] It's true about Twice.

5. [+41, -8] What? Isn't GFriend the one who gets bashed, not Red Velvet? There's much more praise for Red Velvet. They do get bashed but the praise they get is so much more. On the other hand, Twice and GFriend mostly get hate.

6. [+33, -13] What? Red Velvet is Pann goddesses.

7. [+32, -7] The hate Twice gets is unbelievable. Even on posts that are not related to Twice, they still get mentioned and bashed. Red Velvet has a few antis but people on Pann don't hate the group so they easily get shielded and praised. Oh My Girl and Black Pink barely get hate. Even when there's a hateful post, people on Pann don't care.

8. [+29, -6] ㅋㅋ People should treat Twice the way they treat Red Velvet.

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