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Black Pink Jennie's Instagram updates

Pann: Black Pink Jennie's Instagram updates

1. [+128, -31] She's not likeable because of her past controversy

2. [+109, -39] I know she's pretty but her speaking tone and facial expressions look fake. It's like she pretends to be kind. Rose looks sincerely kind with aegyo but she looks like she's hiding her ferocity and acts kind.

3. [+90, -12] She's really pretty so I'm about to stan her but I'm not because of her past... Please give a feedback.

4. [+30, -4] I was just starting to stan Jennie because she's pretty but is it true that she was a bully in the past?

5. [+26, -4] Does she really want to be a singer in an Asian country when she's an Asian who insulted fellow Asians? So ironic ㅋㅋ With those evidences, they should just give a feedback and admit it instead of switching articles slyly ㅋㅋ Of course, the fans are in denial and keep claiming that it's baseless rumors since there's no feedback.

6. [+26, -1] Where's the clarification? I only see posts on her controversial past.

7. [+22, -26] We don't even know if the controversy is true, isn't it a true wrongdoing to be criticizing her without the truth?

8. [+20, -1] A singer in Asia who insults Asians ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jennie's fans are all Asian, what fan love?

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