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Monsta X copied EXO's Growl dance?

Monsta X



Pann: Monsta X plagiarized EXO's Growl dance

1. [+210, -13] There are copyrights for dance. When EXO's waist dance was first performed, most fans were shocked and worried because it looked dangerous. Just like this, the performance was something new and it was very issued. Monsta X was also controversial before because their dance was similar to Seventeen's but the choreographer had negotiated with the original. I want to ask if this was also negotiated with SM choreographer Shim Jae Won. Choreography is someone's hardwork and creation. Copying a dance shouldn't be done by laws and morals. Please give a clear feedback.

2. [+206, -15] Isn't Growl really famous for its waist dance? There's a famous anecdote of someone dancing to Growl and injuring their waist. It's really wrong to copy the dance.

3. [+191, -14] Wow... this dance is the first that comes to my mind when I think of Growl. How can they copy this?

4. [+72, -2] I sent a DM to SM choreographer Shim Jae Won. He checks his DMs frequently and he's on Instagram alot, I'm sure he'll see my message soon. I was gonna end it peacefully but these "hommage" claims pissed me off ㅋㅋ Shim Jae Won is extremely proud of his choreographies and he expresses his frustration when his choreography isn't captured by broadcast cameras. He's really passionate about his job. If he can't give a feedback, we will.

5. [+65, -5] Why are Monsta X fans telling the OP to delete this post ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We need a feedback, you know. They already had plagiarism accusations for Seventeen's dance but they gave a feedback later.

6. [+60, -2] Why do they even have a choreographer? They copied Seventeen's desk performance and EXO's waist dance. They're copying major dance moves, why do they need a choreographer for? Whether it's hommage or got permission to use the dance, the choreographer is clearly useless. They should hire a talented choreographer. It only upsets other fandoms and tarnishes Monsta X's image.

7. [+44, -2] I'm not a fan but it makes me realize that EXO members are good dancers... I think they could injure their waists because they dance really hard.

8. [+42, -22] Fuck, they plagiarized EXO's dance, Block B's MV, and BTOB's cover of Way Back Home. I thought they're plagiarizing-dols.

9. [+41, -5] I thought it was a cover of Growl ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They copied it so obviously, I'm getting embarrassed

10. [+37, -10] I guess Monsta X's hobby is to copy others... Monbebe is also copied from BAP's Baby.

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