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Idols' nicknames in Japan

Xiumin - Legal shota

Changmin - Ball castella (for this particular hairstyle)

Fan art: "How to grow Chang tree"

Jaejoong - Muscle girl

Jessica - Devil

"I found out that I was being called 'devil' in Japan. I was very sad. But it turned out that in Japanese, a devil is someone who's strikingly beautiful."

Taemin - Korea's CG (from SHINee's Japanese debut stage)

TOP - Manager (because he's always wearing suit/uniforms)

Kang Jiyoung - Giant baby (also a nickname in Korea)

Yesung - Weird person


Instiz: Unique nicknames Korean idols got from Japan

- One of Yesung's nicknames in Korea is 'crazy dog' ㅋㅋ

- Taem fairy... I'm proud ㅠㅠ

- Legal shota... What a description

- The weird person is releasing his solo album on the 19th!

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