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Seolhyun's media-play using Yoo Ah In

Endless articles:
- 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Yoo Ah In freezes and grins at AOA Seolhyun's sexy dance
- 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Yoo Ah In's mouth hangs open at AOA Seolhyun's performance and sings along 'Heart Attack'
- 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Yoo Ah In watches Seolhyun's 'Heart Attack' stage with his mouth open
- 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Yoo Ah In's past photo shoot with Hyuna... Seolhyun will be jealous
- Yoo Ah In gets caught staring at AOA Seolhyun
- 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' Yoo Ah In drinks water after watching Seolhyun


Pann: Seolhyun's media-play using Yoo Ah In

1. [+368, -16] I just found out that Seolhyun, Park Bo Young and Park Seo Joon won rookie awards, so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even with their popularity, shouldn't their acting be decent as well? She didn't even achieve anything as an actress but attended 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'd hate this so much if I was an actor.

2. [+333, -10] It was a top search and there were so many articles. So I went to watch the video but he was just singing the song with a blank facial expression ㅋㅋ I was wondering why they were overreacting.

3. [+316, -7] What's wrong with them? They should fucking stop associating them together.

4. [+105, -5] Why is this so excessive? Does she have a sponsor?

5. [+90, -1] Why does Seolhyun pop up as a related search of 'Blue Dragon Film Awards Yoo Ah In'? This is what you call media-play ㅋㅋ Honestly, anyone can tell that Seolhyun's media-play is excessive. AOA fans, we're not bashing Seolhyun, we're criticizing FNC's media-play.

6. [+79, -5] Ugh, this is so dislikeable. I didn't like her since they started media-playing using Suzy. When a celebrity sings their song or gets associated in some way, they release hundreds of articles on it. The article about shifting generation from Suzy to Seolhyun made me laugh. Even if she tries hard, she'll never reach Suzy ㅋㅋ

7. [+71, -0] Their performance was honestly a low level... Honestly speaking, it didn't match the level of 'Blue Dragon Film Awards'

8. [+66, -1] So annoying. I also don't understand why she attended the awards when she didn't even do anything as an actress.

9. [+61, -1] What's more weird is that before Yoo Ah In appeared on the screen, Minah was on the screen, not Seolhyun. I don't understand why they're associating him with Seolhyun.

10. [+55, -2] I'm a fan of Yoo Ah In and I'm so pissed off. Yoo Ah In looks fierce but he has a weak heart. He had to take medicine before saying his winning speech yesterday. Comments on Yoo Ah In were mostly pitiful comments or gay comments. He's finally starting to shine to the public as a veteran actor and it's been a while since he won an award. FNC is fucking disgusting.

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