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EXO Sehun vs Bangtan Boys Jin

Pann: EXO Sehun vs Bangtan Jin

1. [+394, -323] I think Jin is better

2. [+301, -14] Both are handsome. Let's just have a picture party, Armys.

3. [+294, -10] Similarity: Both have pacific shoulders

4. [+137, -1] Similarity: Both got cast by SM on a street but ran away because they thought it was a scam. Difference: Sehun got caught but Jin didn't.

5. [+92, -6] I heard that Jin almost got scouted by SM. I wonder how he'd look if he got SM care...

6. [+79, -14] It's my first time of seeing Bangtan Jin and he's freaking handsome... I think he could be one of the top 10 male idols?

7. [+78, -0] Sehun is coldly handsome and Jin is warmly handsome. Both are handsome.

8. [+78, -106] Sehun = idol face. Jin = actor face.

9. [+17, -5] From the view of physiognomy, Jin is better. Sehun is better as an idol but his mouth is too small for overall proportions. His eye are also too close and his jaw is too sunken. His face as a man is not that good. He doesn't have health luck because his jaw is off. Jin's face as physiognomy is of a nobleman.

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