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Coke vs Pepsi

Pann: Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-Cola?


1. [+37, -10] Definitely Coke. Pepsi only tastes sweet. Coke in glass bottle is the best. It's a heaven when you drink Coke at a grill house... My aunt owns a sashimi restaurant and she has boxes of glass coke. She gives me a lot. She also gives sashimi with it. I love you auntie <3

2. [+28, -5] Coke for me ㅋㅋ I think Coke tastes better than Pepsi... It's my personal taste


3. [+27, -4] I feel so fresh when I drink Coke ㅋㅋ Same with Sprite

4. [+21, -1] Pepsi

5. [+9, -0] I prefer flat drinks so Pepsi for me. Coke has too much carbon. People have different opinions so... But it's Pepsi for me

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