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Suzy with a natural hairstyle

Pann: Suzy looking unrealistic with a messy hair


1. [+230, -46] It's an article picture but her looks are still great~ She's getting prettier everyday <3 So pretty how she always works hard


2. [+228, -285] She got a little bit of work done... Honestly, she's not a natural beauty. Admit it

3. [+141, -346] Honestly Sulli is the top ㅋㅋ


4. [+63, -117] Hmm she only shows the left side of her face, especially when her hair is tied up... She did the same in the CF of Vita 500

5. [+60, -10] The photos look like pictorial

6. [+50, -15] She works everyday without a vacation. How do you think she got work done ㅋㅋ Jealous losers think they can say anything they want ㅋㅋ Do you feel comfortable putting her down like that? Jealous people are all gathered here

7. [+42, -7] Suz


8. [+41, -12] Did she lose weight? She's getting prettier ㅠㅠ

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