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Celebrities with "Nation's ..." title

Pann: Celebrities with "Nation's ..." title

Nation's MC Yoo Jaesuk

Nation's original younger brother Yoo Seung Ho

Nation's second younger brother Yeo Jin Goo

Nation's original younger sister Moon Geun Young

Nation's second younger sister Park Bo Young

Nation's third younger sister IU

Terminator of nation's younger sisters Kim Yuna

Nation's oppa Cho Yong Pil

Nation's weakling Lee Yoon Seok

Nation's husband Yoo Joon Sang

Nation's mom Kim Hye Ja

Nation's original first love Jun Ji Hyun

Nation's first love Suzy

Nation's three thieves:

1. Soy sauce marinated crabs
(TN: Soy sauce marinated crabs are called "rice thief" because they're known to be very delicious)

2. Yeon Jung Hoon

3. Rain

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