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Psy says he will not promote with Hangover in Korea

Article: Psy omits stage performances for 'Hangover'... It will not be performed in Korea


1. [+4803, -109] Of course he can't perform it in Korea. It's not like Yook Ji Dam can cover Snoop Dog's rap

2. [+2951, -354] A lot of people are calling the mv cheap because "it's all about getting drunk and mixing alcohol"... But remember that the song title is 'Hangover'. I really don't understand those who criticize the mv content when the song title says 'hangover'

3. [+2426, -485] The song is so-so. I hope he comes back with his old style

4. [+1675, -132] I'm anticipating for Daddy!!!!

5. [+1790, -291] Honestly Hangover is just no. I'm looking forward to see Daddy

6. [+281, -10] Psy must be so pressured. He used to be a playful singer who was at B-level... But after Gangnam Style, his name was mentioned all around the world... I heard that he made Gangnam Style while having fun. I hope he doesn't fall apart after looking for a song that fits both Korean and international taste.

7. [+137, -4] Hangover is not a song for performance. I think it's better not to perform with the song

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