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Block B's controversial fansign in 2012

Instiz: Controversial Block B fansign

"You guys broke the bookshelves... You do realize that Block B's company has to pay for this, right? Bookstores are to read books, not to rip them. BBCs, please be well-mannered. I'll say this one last time. Block B fans, please be well-mannered. You're ruining Block B's image."

"This is Block B's fansign, right? It's Suwon and I heard that it's a mess ㅠㅠ They're stepping on the bookshelves and are making all sorts of mess. Please be well-mannered."

"Look at this and reflect. The anti-theft sensor is broken so they're fixing it now."

"There is even a broke light. Oh my god what in the world did you fans do? Even a light.."

"Do you see how it's ripped? Someone took out a paper from it without even paying for it!"


- Hul... This is so embarrassing

- This was in early 2012... It's much better now ㅠㅠ

- Those kinds of fans are the reason why the fandoms get bashed

- This is why public fansigns are the worst...

- Block B was mad at the time because the fans weren't in order

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